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A soundscape installation art project with the collaboration of Antonis Antoniou

Opening July 2010

RainZonances3 is a multilayered project presented at the main exhibition hall of the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation (NIMAC) in the framework of Project Room. The artists Antonis Antoniou and PARAVAN (Melita Couta, Harris Kafkarides) collaborated to bulid  an installation presenting three basic elements, a soundscape environment, a platform / stage area and a series of parallel events with invited artists. The thematic of the exhibition was changing every week over the period of one month. The themes explored in this project had to do with urbanistic experiences. 

TO QUEUE IS TO QUAKE... to to and fro, namely.

Premiere 21 November 2010

 Dance performance part of NOBODY Festival 2010 at Pallas Theatre. Collaboration with Pascal Caron.

Choreography: Pascal Caron

Live electronics: Antonis Antoniou

Costume Design: PARAVAN

Supported by Paravan. 


Ariana Alpha

Valentinos Kokkinos

Irene Andronikou

Michalis Aristidou

Ifigeneia Charalambous

Despina Chrysanthou

Giulio- Filippo D' Errico

Helen Georgiadou

Yianna Georgiadou

Melinda Iacovidou

Marios Kakoullis

Nadia Mowafy

Maria Papacosta

Yiota Papageorgiou

Constantinos Socratous

Stephanie Stylianidou


25 January 2010

A site specific, soundscape installation art project at the old Satirico theatre relics with the collaboration of Antonis Antoniou, Evripides Dikaios, Ariana Alpha.

RainZonances 2 is a site specific project which took place at the old Satiriko Theatre, former "Adelphi Varnakidi" cinema, a building that was scheduled to be demolished.​ It was a one time performance using material that was abandoned in the  space, as well as archives of sound and video recordings. The artists produced a journey, a last performance based on reviving memory.

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