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Scenography Exhibition Curating

Paravan founders Harris Kafkarides and Melita Couta have been commissioned over the past years to curate scenography exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. Here is a sample of that work:

Praque Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2011. Curated by Marina Maleni and PARAVAN. Commissioned by THOC.

Stin Mpouka, the visual side of theatre creativity

15 December 2006

An exhibition presenting costumes, maquettes, drawings, puppetry, masks, posters, photographs and videos from the five major theatre companies of Cyprus: Theatre Organisation of Cyprus, Satiriko Theatre, Theatre ENA, ETHAL and Theatre SKALA

SCENO CY 2007-2012

October 2012

Exhibition of Contemporary  Cypriot Scenography and Lighting Design. Commissioned by The Cyprus Centre of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Theatre Technicians, curated by Melita Couta (PARAVAN). The exhibition presented  photographs, video, maquettes and costumes of shows between 2007-2012, produced by major Cypriot Scenographers and Lighting Designers.

Epidaurus, 25 years presence of THOC

5 July 2007

An exhibition commissioned by THOC and curated by Harris Kafkarides and Melita Couta (PARAVAN), celebrating 25 years of THOC's participation in Epidaurus Festival in Greece. The exhibition was presenting costumes and photographs by cypriot and greek scenographers such as D. Fotopoulos, Y. Metzikof, A. Antonopoulos, A. Aggelis, G. Ziakas, S. Ahienitis, Y. Toumazis, N. Kouroushis.

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