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The Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov

A site specific theatre performance based on the short story by Mikhail Bulgakov. In collaboration with Marios Kakoulli and Eirini Andronikou. Performed in an abandonded clinic at the centre of old Nicosia.

Premiere 3 April 2014

Concept: PARAVAN, Marios kakoulli, Eirini Andronikou

Dramaturgy: Melita Couta, Harris Kafkarides, Marios Kakoulli, Eirini Andronikou, Paris Erotokritou

Directed by Paris Erotokritou

Scenography: PARAVAN

Music: Antonis Antoniou

Movement: Marios Mettis, Diomedes Koufteros

Video design: Mihalis Ashikkas

Lighting design: Achilleas Mouskis

Production assistant: Antreas Tsialis

Director assistant: Elena Georgiades


Alexandros Parisis

Panos Makris

Marios Kakoulli

Eirini Andronikou


Stella Philippidou

Maria Papacosta

Petros Nicolaou

Photographs by Taso Papandreou, Melita Couta and Theodora Iacovou.

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