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Premiere 22 Februarary 2011

an adaptation of Harold Pinter’s “New world order”, “One for the road”, “Precisely” and “Press Conference”

In collaboration with Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble

Directed by Paris Erotokritou

Scenography: PARAVAN

Lighting Design: Karolina Spyrou

Film: Orestis Lambrou

Museum curation: Kostantinos Taliotis


Antonis Katsaris

Eftihios Poullaides

Petros Yiorkatzis

Vasiliki Kypraiou

Nedi Antoniadou

Marios Constantinou

Paris Erotokritou

Ariana Alpha

Mariella Savvidou

Varvava Larmou

Pantelis Psakides

New World Order II was a theatre walk through transforming the basement of Satiriko theatre into the headquarters of a regime of oppression and propaganda. The audience where invited as "guests" of this regime to admire the historical achievements in the museum area where some selected few could also watch a documentary. The audience were guided to the next area were a violent interrogation was taking place behind a glass window and continued through long and dark corridors to the archives section of this regime. The next space presented was the office of the head inquisitor. Finally a press conference takes place with the minister and the "officials" leave in a luxury car. 

Premiere 24 October 2011


In collaboration with Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble

Directed by Paris Erotokritou
Scenography: Paravan
Lighting Design: Karolina Spyrou
Sound Design: Antonis Antoniou​

Elena Savva
Elena Demetriou

Ariana Alpha​

Film: Orestis Lambrou

Video Editing: Sotiris Christou

Film actors: Nedie Antoniades, Ariana Alpha, Electra Kythreotou

Symbolaio Ergasias was taking place in RAI building in Nicosia. A typically office like environment and the use of video conference, power point presentations, skype talks, motivational slogans and businnes videos became the material to construct a world of sterile office lives. The audience was taken through the elevators to the second floor of the building and walked through the offices of our theatrically constructed "C" company to sit in a conference area and  become witnesses of an unfolding interview between the manager and an employ of "C".

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