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Shifting time and Space - The Cyprus Participation in PQ11.

​Curatorial team: Marina Maleni, Melita Couta, Harris Kafkarides (PARAVAN)

Designers of Exhibition: Melita Couta, Harris Kafkarides (PARAVAN)

The participation of Cyprus in PQ 11 was made possible due to the support and organisation of THOC


The curatorial team for the Cyprus participation has focused on the idea of ”shifting time and space” through specific tensions: construction vs. destruction, established places vs. urban ready-mades, textures as historical traces vs. the aesthetic of the clinical new. The notion of creation within an ambiguous state was demonstrated through a common ground between the works of the scenographers, performance artists, sound designers and other represented artists, as well as the kinds of plays that are chosen. A special section within the pavillion, called ”Urban Ready-Mades” was presented, focusing on hybrid scenography, city interventions, public performances and individual initiatives. The idea behind the design of the Cyprus Pavilion was based on the process of “moving” or “transporting” from one place to another, even “relocating” or “reallocating”. The recent construction and destruction of several theatrical spaces in Cyprus, as well as the `use of urban spaces as stage areas, led to a design that suggests an accumulation of objects, furniture, theatrical props and archives, packed and stacked, an installation of objects, a library of works, a game of discovery, a teaser of dimensions, a cabinet of curiosity, an exposition of works, an interactive world, a sense of mobility and space transformation.

The Cyprus participation questioned the relationship between spaces/stages that have experienced a transformation, have undergone a change of use, a change of activity and demonstrated a sense of freedom, of expectancy; the space of possibility, of expectation, passages of ”what was, to what there is to be”.

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